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Aleksi Christmas Lights…


…and today’s blizzard.

Spring Cancelled…


As an April Fool it started to snow on Sunday and it really hasn’t stopped after that.

Run Paavo…


List of Helsinki/Finland Blogs…

…has been updated on the right column of this blog.

EDIT 25-Jan-2012: I won’t update this anymore, my Helsinki blog list has moved here.

Here are some frequently updated Helsinki/Finland blogs that are accessible to English speakers. All of them have existed for several months so they have shown similar endurance as the Three Smiths above.


Photo blogs/streams/communities

There must be more since I’ve been lazy in finding them so please leave a comment about other good Helsinki/Finland blogs or photo collections in any language.

Two Women and Beautiful…


There is Plenty of Snow By the Streets…

…as the city doesn’t have the resources to clear and transport snow quickly after the unusually big snowfalls.

It hasn’t bothered me. This is much nicer than the winters when there was hardly any snow.


…on Mäkelänkatu street.

There is Something Interesting At…

…the window.

The First Snow of this “Winter”


Winter should still be a few months away but we already got the first snow today. Lately we have had some unusually warm and cold periods.

You foreigners might think that it always snows in Helsinki but last winter the first snow came at end of November and the ground wasn’t white until January. Year earlier there wasn’t really any snow. That was pretty depressing.

Can you spot a dog in this photo?

Snowing at Mäkelänkatu


This is no longer my main blog, see Learning to See in Helsinki for more frequent updates.

Favourite photos from 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011.

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