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Get Your Feet Wet in Helsinki…


…on the heated pavements. I’d rather walk in unploughed snow than in this wet slush every time it has snowed. I certainly hope the heating saves a lot of money.

I had wandered several hours in yesterday’s “snow storm” and it wasn’t uncomfortable until I got to these wet shopping streets. The rest of Helsinki is now finally beautifully white and bright.

Aleksi Christmas Lights…


…and today’s blizzard.

Spring Cancelled…


As an April Fool it started to snow on Sunday and it really hasn’t stopped after that.

Clearing the Tram Tracks…

…in front of the City Hall.

SWAT Team Attacking…


This week falling snow and ice from a roof killed a woman on the street. Last winter we also had a similar accident. Weird.

Mounted Police…

…is a common sight near the Olympic Stadium.

Lot’s of great winter photographs from Finland at Annika Ruohonen’s blog, have a look!

Little Help From Friends…

…is needed from time to time to survive the winter.

A different kind of friendship was shown in yesterday’s thought provoking tv documentary Reindeerspotting – Espace from Santaland that is an insider’s view about young drug addicts in northern Finland and their European tour that was made with stolen money.

“If you ask for drugs [for free] they never give you but if you haven’t used drugs for a while they offer you until you start to use again.” said Jani and continued wondering whether there is a difference between his best friends and worst enemies.

Last year Jani, the main character,  got released from a prison and some time later was found dead in Cambodia after a suspected suicide. Both his death and the blockbuster documentary have been widely covered in the Finnish media. The documentary doesn’t just contain some really strong scenes but shows daily life and was also informative.

If you wonder what Santaland means, in Finland even us who don’t use drugs believe that Santa Claus lives on the Arctic Circle at Korvatunturi near the city of Rovaniemi where the documentary was filmed.

I checked how the documentary was commented in Twitter: Really eye-opening, and a bit sick…gonna have weird dreams tonigh…gonna PUKE but can’t look away…well worth watching.


PS. I had scheduled this photo for today earlier and noticed the connection only this morning. The persons in the photo are totally unrelated to the documentary and its themes.

Everything Prohibited…

…or what does this mean?

I hate to see how National Geographic is destroying their reputation with average photos and uninformative texts in their Photo of the Day. Today I had enough and criticized their cat on the snow and was not the only one. With their amazing archives they could make me want to see the photo first thing in the morning and after that they could sell me a lot of stuff.



Have a look at Christchurch City Daily Photo blogger’s personal account about the deadly earthquake.

we live just 2km from the epicentre. I was the most frightening thing I have ever experienced……..The afterhocks are awful, they are sharp and went on all of last night – probably every fifteen minutes

Helsinki’s Successful Battle With the Snow…

…has attracted international media since the Christmas snow chaos at European airports.

CNN has just aired Helsinki’s Battle With The Snow. Have a look at the seven minute video that contains a lot of snowy scenes from the capital.

There should be more Helsinki episodes on Richard Quest’s Future Cities during February and March.

This is no longer my main blog, see Learning to See in Helsinki for more frequent updates.

Favourite photos from 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011.

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