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Building St. Thomas Market…

…where you can buy handicrafts starting from 7th December.

Christmas Tree…

…at Senate’s square.

During windy weather go to see how she dances!

I Thought These Were Things From…

…the past.


…is part of the Season of Light happening at Senate’s square and most of the changes happen only on the cross.

United Buddy Bears Have Left…

…Helsinki. This was taken during their last night on Senate’s square. From the official site I was not able to find the next location of their world tour yet.

The capital’s main square is empty most of the time and normally locals have no reason to stay there so all kinds of happenings are always welcome.

Tourists at Senate’s…


Yes I know, you foreigners are pretty strange!

Bolivians Are Partying in Honor of their President…

…Evo Morales who is visiting Finland at the moment.

I was actually going to take a photo of the president playing football but the match was moved from Töölö to Tali which didn’t fit my plans.

CDP Theme Day 2010 / May: Statues

Russian Czar Alexander II still stands on the most important location in Finland in the center of Senate’s Square. He was one of the czars that Finns liked when the Grand Duchy of Finland was part of Russia between 1809-1917. Finns gathered by the statue of the respected ruler for anti-Russian demonstrations when the czars were less favourable.

I’ve posted photos of many statues earlier including Helsinki icons like Havis Amanda, Lantern Carriers and the disgusting “World Peace” that is another statue that would have been removed in many other countries.

Yesterday was the most well-known Finnish statue event when Havis Amanda got her student cap but I totally forgot the theme day so I posted a working class version of her.

This is a CDP theme day so click here to view thumbnails for all participants to see statues from all over the world.

Finnish Counsil of State

Finnish Counsil of State.

This once was the senate of autonomous Finland and that's why we have Senate's square although the independent Finland doesn't have a senate.

I was looking at I.K Inha’s hundred years old photos from Helsinki when I realized that Uspenski cathedral was visible from Senate’s square. I had to go there and check whether I can still see it and there it is on the right.

Red Lights

Braking at Senate's Square.

Braking at Senate's Square.

It was blue hour and there were nice reflections from the wet streets. Unfortunately I had to hurry home as my “water-proof” shoes were also completely wet.

This is no longer my main blog, see Learning to See in Helsinki for more frequent updates.

Favourite photos from 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011.

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