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Watching the Sea Freeze…


…at the Market Square.

Long Distance…

…running on the Baltic Sea.

CDP Theme Day 2010 / March: Passageways

Getting around in Helsinki gets faster when the ice provides many shortcuts on the curvy coastline that was moulded by the melting ice of the last ice age.

This family decided to migrate to Sweden as soon as possible after Finland’s embarrassing olympic ice hockey semi-final against USA and almost as bad second period of the bronze game against Slovakia. Not really – and they would have missed the last period comeback from a 1-3 loss to a 5-3 win in the team sport that Finns love the most.

A passageway of a kind is Finland’s four men’s ice hockey medals in the last five olympics despite never being among the favourites. A small nation with the 6-7th best players in the world knows that there won’t be any success without playing as a team and working really hard.

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Yet Another Steamy Sea…

…photo in this blog.

Change of Plans…

…when I saw this steaming sea some days ago. The island with the small buildings can be seen from a different angle in my Ryssänsaari post.

Forsty Arrival to Helsinki was taken later that morning and there is going to be more in next month.

This is no longer my main blog, see Learning to See in Helsinki for more frequent updates.

Favourite photos from 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011.

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