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Aleksi Christmas Lights…


…and today’s blizzard.

Traditional Aleksi Christmas Lights…

…following the style from 1940′s with led technology.

They just look much better when there is snow.

Two Bigfoots Seen in…


Bigshoe (isokenkäinen) refers to a big boss in Finland. There is also this thing called wide angle distortion.

I Don’t Intentionally Take Photos of Baby Carriages…

…on Aleksanterinkatu street but for some reason there always seems to be one like here and here. I don’t even remember if I have ever taken a photo of one on any other street.

It’s not Winter Anymore…

…so it’s time to find the umbrellas again.

Colleagues of the…

grumpiest man in town.

Aleksi Christmas Lights…

…are a Helsinki tradition. I got the impression that the lights still look the same as in 1949.

Today Was a Rainy Day


Lately there have been many very nice days but also some stormy ones.

Aleksi in the Rain

Aleksi is the nickname of Aleksanterinkatu street, the old main street of Helsinki.

The street is named after Czar Alexander I who was the first Russian ruler of Grand Duchy of Finland between 1809-1825. In many other countries the street would have been renamed but he is a notable person in the history of Finland in a positive sense.

This is no longer my main blog, see Learning to See in Helsinki for more frequent updates.

Favourite photos from 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011.

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